The War Industry Resisters Network is a coalition of groups opposing their local war companies, joined together to focus on corporate control over US foreign policy.

Do you hear that great sucking sound out there? That’s the sound of all our resources, hopes, and dreams for peace and a livable planet being steadily drawn into the bellies of military contractors. President Biden is requesting $868 billion for weapons systems of all kinds (including new nuclear weapons) along with the facilities to store them and the men and women to use them. Just one Lockheed F-35 fighter jet, powered by a Raytheon engine and loaded with Raytheon missiles and bombs, costs around $80 million. It can even deliver nuclear warheads to start or continue a war to doom the planet. The U.S. government plans to build hundreds of them.

But there is hope! All across the country and the world groups are organizing against this military industrial complex as they pursue a livable and beautiful planet, human solidarity, and social and racial justice. With hope and determination, they are engaged in the struggle of our lifetime to hold back our extermination by climate catastrophe and nuclear war.

Some of these groups belong to the War Industry Resisters Network (WIRN). Our specific focus is on U.S. military contractors and the real and present danger they pose to our country and our world. Each group in our loose network focuses on one or more military contractors operating in its community. Join us!

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Check out this very comprehensive description of the Military-Industrial Complex

Event Spotlight: June 20 webinar, 8 pm EDT

How Clinton Foreign Policy Launched the US Trajectory from Bush II to Biden

Presenter: Jeremy Kuzmarov


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